It's been an icy couple of days in Dallas, with schools and businesses closed; what's one to do except sleep late, eat late, and scroll too much? Well, that's what happened over here for me, and I'm glad I did. I found a happy trend on Instagram I decided to hop on, adding text and images to an Instagram reel showing what you would be if you were a food, a place, an animal, a room, a song. Not to be confused with what you like or wish but who you are in that form. 

If you want to see what I think of myself, lol... CLICK THE BUTTON

If you decide to try this trend for yourself, please tag me; I must see you in your room and song shape!

On the resting... I took a quote away from one of my yoga classes the other day; it goes like this. "The better you embody the season that you're in, the more richness you will get from the season that follows" Let that sink into your mind and body for a minute; how does that ring true for you?

We're slowly making our way out of winter, the old man is not gone just yet, and there is still more for us to savor on our way to Spring, so enjoy your long walks, deep breaths, long restorative postures, rounded plow, and reclining queen for a little longer!

- Jessica

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