9 Reasons to Yoga in the Winter

9 Reasons to Yoga in the Winter
Ok, here is the shortlist. 
Increase Your Energy 
Help You Get Better Sleep
Reduce Your Stress 
Helps You Recover
Support Your Immune System
Improve Your Balance
Improves Blood Circulation 
Reduce Your Stress 
It keeps You Feeling Ageless

As much as I like all of the above, I have to live with myself in the present moment and the present moment is all about thoughts that create feelings, so thoughts about how wonderful my body functions after an asana class leaves me feeling ageless and that ageless feeling are where I want to be. 


Your thoughts determine your feelings, which determine the actions you take or don't take in your life, creating desired or undesirable results. At 45 years old, my daily dose of yoga is essential for middle life. It's like a daily tune-up for mind and body. 

I have a gift for you if you'd like to optimize your lifestyle this year too. 

Suppose you subscribe to my Friday love letter, the Inbox Exhale. In that case, I send you an under 30-minute dose of seasonal self-care, a recorded yoga class inspired by traditional Chinese medicine themed by the current month and season, with access to the Inbox Exhale members section of this site that keeps all those classes stored for you in a library, if you like. 

Yoga is just part of my recipe for Longevity; movement and breath practices are essential, but so is sleep, sunlight, hydration, nutrition, strength training, supplementation, and recovery. This is why I've decided to focus all month long on Winter Recovery to cover all of these pillars in a simplified way so it can become your second nature, your lifestyle. 

If your eyes are reading this, I'm glad you're here. Please reach out to me; I would love to get to know you.

P.S. If you're into seasonal self-care, you need my favorite Katonah Yoga manual, Yoga as Origami

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