Does Presence Have a Sound

When I gave birth to Julian on August 8, 2001, my world changed forever. Suddenly things I never considered before, quality and ethics of food & water, necessary and unnecessary medical, the toxicity of products I used in my home, and contemplating the width and depth of my spiritual life came to the forefront of my mind. I reflect on this pivotal moment when I looked at my newborn son with strawberry blond peach fuzz and blue eyes and remember thinking, omg,  I have him for the next 18 years at least; I'm responsible. A wash of overwhelm came over me for a while. 

It's interesting how big moments can shift perception and how you engage with the world. This moment marked the beginning of my pursuit of an ever-evolving life of intention.

Yesterday  I asked on Instagram what Autumn sounded like, and if it were in a key, what would it be? 

Here are some of the answers; 

football whistles

crunching leaves


 the key of G

For me, Autumn sounds like "These Days" by Nico, the creative conversations that produce El Tonto Por Cristo, chanting at a candlelit Vespers service, James & Ginger at the Texas Theater, less Instagram, more love letters, and presence. 

The question about Autumn and its unique sound was birthed by the 13-hour road trip home after dropping off my youngest to begin his collegiate years, which had me reflecting on time, how quickly it goes by and where I want to spend it going forward. 


While I continue to contemplate how I'll show up publically and where I'll put my efforts personally, I can tell you where I will definitely be, and that is at Le Jesswell, or, my website, a virtual space that I cultivate for your exhale and mine, and in your inbox every Friday with your Inbox Exhale; I'll save all of my everything for you there. 

Classes this week---

Thursday 9/7: Power Yoga 6 AM CST Yoga Art Music

Thursday 9/7: Restorative Reiki 7 PM CST Yoga Up

Saturday: 9/10: Super Yoga Vinyasa 9 AM CST Super Yoga Palace

Voice Piece for Soprano---Yoko Ono

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