Neon Pink Is The New Black


Would yoga by any other name feel just as sweet? 

I think so! 

Call it what you will, but that feel-good feeling is all from flow, a movement connected to breathe, and at SYP wrapped in a communal bow offering an energetic experience that leaves you feeling  S U P E R 

This March, we're working on wrapping ourselves in breath through repetition. This Saturday is a perfect practice to ease your way into Spring. You'll leave with clarity of mind, a rinsed, released, and organized body ready to face what is coming your way. 🖤


Speaking of rinsed and released, who here is Spring cleaning not only their mind and body but their abode? 

That you clean your space is as important as How you clean it because EVERYTHING is connected. After all, the body, mood, and emotions are affected by our surroundings and the energy or toxic energy it emits. 

If you'd like to read my notes on Spring Cleaning for Mind Body & Abode, CLICK HERE

I am even hosting an in-person workshop called The Holistic Home if you'd like to connect and DIY some household goods with the self-care commune. To see more, TAP the button below. 

Whether it be mind, body, or abode,  I hope I'll get to Spring Clean with you sometime, somewhere this March. 

See you online or in person, my friend!
- Jessica

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