Beauty for Humanity

Beauty for Humanity. 

If it's not good, beautiful, or true, I'm not interested— these are my late July musings. 

This week, I came across a post on Instagram about its changes over the last two years and how it's trying to change us. It stirred something in me because Instagram is a multi-faced tool, a market. It is goods, education, entertainment, and art, including poetry, photography, and music. I use Instagram for business and pleasure; however long are the days I post something just because, without expectation. Algorithms ultimately control what makes it to your feed, and the beauty found in stills in stillness is not a priority, yet I believe that's what we are all craving, or perhaps I should speak for myself; that's what I'm craving. 

If you're looking for me, you'll be able to find me here, in my diary, with new flows for you to try from time to time that evokes a sense of connectivity, the yoga school I'm facilitating this fall, music I'm listening to, seeing live or creating myself and snapshots of my life as a new empty nester working alongside my husband Josh as we make our second feature film

I hope that by showing you behind the scenes of my life as I grow in this next chapter, if you're a few years behind me, you'll have a  roadmap to reference if you need one. You'll see more images and fewer words unless they're necessary and truly inspired. 

Thank you for allowing me to be part of your life. It's an honor. Tap each image to see more. 

Beauty for Humanity is the theme of our yoga flow this Saturday, 7/30, at 9 AM. Click here to join me at Super Yoga Palace for a pay-what-you-can practice. 

For the same intention but a slower flow, join me at YAM on 7/30 at 11 AM; click here

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P.S. I genuinely share what I love; you can always count on that. I do earn a commission through the affiliate links I share unless stated otherwise. Thank you for trusting me. 


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