I realized I have not posted here or sent an email in over 4 months. I can't help but feel apologetic because that is in my enneagram 3w2 nature that wants to do all the things and not let anyone down. I promise I  have not abandoned you. I've been on a small hiatus from the healing arts while I produced my husband's most recent feature film, El Tonto Por Cristo. It's been a huge, glorious, wonderful undertaking. I'm very proud of this piece of slow cinema. I look forward to sharing more about his picture with you, but I think that conversation is best done in person. 

Speaking of in-person, I am teaching in person again beginning Tuesday, April 16th, at Le Sol House. Somatic Movement and Breath will be at 630 p.m., and Restorative Reiki for the Creative Kind will be at 8 p.m. If you've never been to this haven of healing and conduit of creativity, please plan to join me on Tuesday. This space is an incarnation of Super Yoga Palace, all grown up. This space is a destination, a date you make with your mind and body weekly. Head over after work, enjoy a loose-leaf tea, the vibration of the space, stay awhile, then slip into something soft and move and breathe with me. 

For those who have inquired about my private healings, I will be practicing out of this same space on Fridays. You can reserve an appointment with me at 1 p.m. or 2:30 p.m. My offering is the perfect once-a-month energetic reset: a Reiki fusion called Integrated Energy Work. 

I have so much more to share with you.  Let's catch up on Tuesday the 16th and every Tuesday after. What do ya say? Also, before I sign off I want to leave you with some road trip tunes for April. I've been compiling songs I like to sing loud and proud in my car. I envision singing one of these ditties at sound check when we Polyphonic Spree Choir gals warm up. I'll post some, BTW, in my gram at our upcoming shows when this happens. 🙃

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P.S. I genuinely share what I love; you can always count on that. I do earn a commission through the affiliate links I share unless stated otherwise. Thank you for trusting me. 


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