Except the Heart

I've recently seen a new to me hashtag circulating the social networks called #fourthtrimester - the captions lament all the things a postpartum mother wasn't prepared to experience and the lack of knowledge or support available for this stage of new motherhood. 

Last Summer, I wrote about early motherhood in my diary. You can read the post here. I'd have to say it's so sad that this lack of emotional education is still true. As a 24-year-old brand new mother, I felt emotionally sideswiped by how I wanted to feel and how I was feeling after my emergency C section. Interestingly the trauma surrounding my son's birth implicitly followed him into young adulthood, and the impact of 2020 became a mood and emotional tipping point. He found some relief with lifestyle edits, diet, exercise, and supplementation, which I'll share in another entry, but that wasn't enough; a pillar was missing. After working with various therapists, my husband and I found that Constellation Therapy, a less heard of modality, was the right fit - through a trusted referral. 

Without the tools I now have, I didn't understand explicit mood and emotions, their effects, and how to deal with them. If I had the knowledge I do now, I would have been incorporating a holistic healing protocol for him and me postpartum. It wasn't until I became an asana instructor over 13 years ago that I learned how emotions can become trapped at a cellular level and how techniques like movement can help the release. Experiencing firsthand with someone I love that feelings buried alive never die, I've since furthered my education and personal practice to take a proactive approach preparing for middle life and an emptier nest. 

Seasons change; this is the one thing we are guaranteed in life. 

Spring means change for all of us, and we are all experiencing the season together. In TCM or traditional Chinese medicine, the organ associated with Spring is the liver and gallbladder. 

Except for the heart, no other organ in the human body is attributed to the powerful emotions of the liver.

Right now is as good a time as any to address or Spring clean your emotional life, not just the home. When I purge and organize my abode, I can get overwhelmed, there is so much to do. It may always feel that way but the interest of good habits compounds, just like investments, and this is one of the best investments you can make. 

Start small, begin here.

I have fallen in love with an essential oil called Release. I apply three drops under my right side ribcage; this is approximately where your liver lives inside of you - then I do my movement and meditation practice. 

Are you ready to release something? Are you ready to let go? Let me hold space for you my friend. Join my live asana classes on Instagram. If you can't make it live, I'll keep the recording up for you, and any questions you have you can put in the comments, or you can reach out here. I'll be sure to reply. 

Release is a helpful blend to aid in releasing anger and memory trauma from the liver to create emotional wellbeing. It helps open the subconscious mind through pineal stimulation (sandalwood and tansy stimulate the pineal gland) to release deep-seated trauma. For our purposes, trauma can be defined as "any situation where you got less than you needed and were not equipped to process it." These traumas actually get stored deep within our cellular memory, and we can use the limbic system of the brain to help shift our thoughts and emotions around these traumas and patterns. To learn more about this incredible oil, click here or to try it for yourself, tap below. 

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Neon Pink Is The New Black


Would yoga by any other name feel just as sweet? 

I think so! 

Call it what you will, but that feel-good feeling is all from flow, a movement connected to breathe, and at SYP wrapped in a communal bow offering an energetic experience that leaves you feeling  S U P E R 

This March, we're working on wrapping ourselves in breath through repetition. This Saturday is a perfect practice to ease your way into Spring. You'll leave with clarity of mind, a rinsed, released, and organized body ready to face what is coming your way. 🖤


Speaking of rinsed and released, who here is Spring cleaning not only their mind and body but their abode? 

That you clean your space is as important as How you clean it because EVERYTHING is connected. After all, the body, mood, and emotions are affected by our surroundings and the energy or toxic energy it emits. 

If you'd like to read my notes on Spring Cleaning for Mind Body & Abode, CLICK HERE

I am even hosting an in-person workshop called The Holistic Home if you'd like to connect and DIY some household goods with the self-care commune. To see more, TAP the button below. 

Whether it be mind, body, or abode,  I hope I'll get to Spring Clean with you sometime, somewhere this March. 

See you online or in person, my friend!
- Jessica

Can I send you a love letter? Subscribe to the Inbox Exhale here

P.S. I genuinely share what I love; you can always count on that. I do earn a commission through the affiliate links I share unless stated otherwise. Thank you for trusting me.