What Does It Mean To Love Yourself

How do you show yourselves, love? I know it's February, and it seems to be the theme of the hour, but I'm asking for today and every day. 

I was working on a project earlier this afternoon, and when I couldn't seem to dial in my focus to finish up, I spoke out loud to myself in a way I'd never talk to anyone, even someone I didn't like now I might think it, but I would never say it)

It caught me off guard for a moment. I thought to myself, geez, why would you speak to yourself like that. You're doing the best you can with the day, energy, and focus you have to give. You always preach from the abundance of your heart the mouth speaks; how do you think about yourself. 


Personal growth is challenging; there's a lot of that this time of year. Winter is when we cultivate the soil of our soul, but we will never get to Spring without one. 

The Breath of Seasons

The breath rises like Spring
The fullness of Summer
The breath descends like Autumn
The emptiness of Winter

In taking that to heart, I put together a Self Love Club for us daily prompts for 14 days to help us remember that we deserve the same love and kindness we show others.

You can jump in anytime; I hope you will. 

- Jessica

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