This Saturday was somewhat typical. I woke around 6 AM, did my Peloton stack, went to the studio, taught a group class and private. What made today different was specific energy in the air; it felt like hope. 

I'll take it.

I know I said I would write a bit about C'mon C'mon, but I fell asleep in the last 20 minutes, not because it was boring but because I'm a weenie. If we start a film after eight, there is a high chance my blinks will get longer, and then I wake up during the credits with Josh looking at me and shaking his head. 

The film moved me differently than Josh; he wrote a bit about it here

 I'll jot my thoughts down here and share them when I finish it. It probably won't be tomorrow; we have some pre-production for Jimmy Fallon; if you follow my Instagram stories, you'll get a sneak peek behind the scenes. 

Speaking of Josh, he just popped some popcorn, and we're about to watch The Movies That Made Us - about Back to the Future on Netflix; our wild and crazy Saturday nights! 


- Jessica

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